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1st $200: To a candidate of your choice or the IRS? (also see Money Magazine)

1st $200: To a candidate of your choice or the IRS? (also see Money Magazine)

March 8, 2017 @ 4:35 pm
by Admin

Do you believe you should be able to keep the first $200 you were going to send to the IRS, and instead send it to candidates of your choice who you believe would be better stewards of your money? Money Magazine covers the four states with programs set up to do just that at the state level, a practice discussed in our “Taxes and Political Contributions” Educational Paper, and then by the Weekly Standard along with the featured cartoon.

Let us know what you think? Should people be able to give their first $200 to candidates in order to get elected officials focus back on them as constituents, or is it more important that their full tax liability go to the IRS? Update us and/or email or call 334.329.7258 with any questions, updates or anything you need from us to help educate people in your office, social media group or other gathering.

Thank you to our Western Region Coordinator Jeff Kubler for pointing out and distributing the Money Magazine article. Jeff lives in Oregon, one of the four states cited for this practice.

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