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Former TX Insurance & Real Estate Executive, NY-based Nat’l Campaign Fundraiser, Join TAKE BACK


Former TX Insurance & Real Estate Executive, NY-based Nat’l Campaign Fundraiser, Join TAKE BACK

February 10, 2017 @ 5:02 pm
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AUBURN, AL – LaNell Morold and Shaaya Ellis began their work as Deputy Director and Director of Development, respectively, this week in the headquarters in Auburn. Two supporters of the quickly growing non-profit recommended a Deputy Director to oversee internal operations, to facilitate Executive Director John Pudner meeting a demanding external schedule with policy and opinion leaders, media representatives, foundations and potential donors across the country to help educate the public on conservative solutions for campaign finance reform.

“The great foundation laid during Take Back Our Republic’s first two years sets the stage for incredible growth if we correctly build capacity around the team,” said Morold, the executive who built real estate and title insurance operations in Texas, Louisiana and Florida. “After my first week in the Auburn office, it is clear to me that the team in place is prepared to take this operation to another level as John tours the country educating the public and encouraging discussion.”

As Morold arrived from Dallas, Shaaya made his move from New York.

“Convincing people to write checks to help elect candidates who share my values has been my passion since my days at Notre Dame,” said Ellis, a Notre Dame grad and New York City native who worked the phones to raise maximum contributions for the Republican National Committee, and now forms a liberal-conservative team with Development Consultant Joe Livoti. “As much of a thrill as it was to have successes like opening maximum checks from people like Donald Trump before he became President, I am thrilled to now work to raise money for Take Back Our Republic educate the public on options for preventing our Republic from slipping into an oligarchy run by select special interests taking money away from taxpayers.”

“When we announced this job search, we could not have imagined we would attract a woman who ran large real estate and insurance companies in Texas, and a Notre Dame product who raised money on the biggest stage of all, New York City,” said Pudner, who returned Thursday from speeches and meetings at Stanford University.  “When I returned to the office Thursday, I could tell the entire team had a clear path for how we will take our efforts to another level.”

Those who want to volunteer time to one of TAKE BACK’s 37 state chapters, start their own, or donate to supply materials for those volunteers who are attending meetings can click here or call the office at 334.329.7258.

Photo from left, beginning with back row:

Noah Durham, Volunteer Coordinator

Lacy Campbell, Bookkeeping/Research Analyst

Shaaya Ellis, Director of Development

Kristi Reiff, Media & Congressional Liaison

Justin Hill, Data & State Operations

Joe Livoti, Development Advisor

Anna Nichols, Treasurer

(front row)

LaNell Morold, Deputy Director (and Board Secretary)

John Pudner, Executive Director



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