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2 hours to give, 2 victories (over porn & unverified political contributions)

2 hours to give, 2 victories (over porn & unverified political contributions)

December 9, 2015 @ 6:40 am
by admin
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Please make your tax deductible contributions now so that we can continue to educate the public on issues such as political contributions from international porn companies and the potential for millions in unverified credit card contributions from overseas and other illegal sources.

The concern over the impact of this money on our political process is so great that a Foundation offered to double every check we get – but the deadline is in two hours. If you click now, a $500 gift turns into $1,000, and even $50 turns into $100. If you contribute at 3:01 p.m.Eastern you can still make your tax deductible contribution but we stand to leave money on the table from the match.

If you need reassurance that the education enabled by your contribution makes a difference, consider these two victories:

In may, the conservative, California-based Breitbart News featured our concerns about $327,000 in campaign contributions from in international porn company founded by an individual facing charges in Germany on tax evasion. I am thrilled to report that the campaign accepting this money has now been fined $61,000 for taking this porn money, as reported last night by CBS Sacramento.

That good news comes as we prepare to attend the press conference of Paul Gosar (tomorrow at 1 p.m.) on the dozens of co-sponsors who have signed onto his bill to stop unverified credit card contributions (see Bloomberg BNA article here), in order to stop the practice that is a virtual invitation to groups like the porn company mentioned above and other foreign interests to influence our elections. The fact that this legislation already garnered bipartisan support is a victory because it caused awareness to an issue that virtually NOONE was aware of during my travels around the country – campaigns opting out of verifying that credit card contributions are in fact coming from people with a valid American address (see our white paper here).

For legal notes on our registration to raise money in your state, click here. Thank you for your support of our efforts!

John Pudner, Executive Director

Take Back Our Republic


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