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Sources: Exiting Congressman Used Staff for Personal Gain

Sources: Exiting Congressman Used Staff for Personal Gain

June 6, 2018 @ 12:00 am
by Admin
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AUBURN, AL- At Take Back Our Republic, we have taken a strong stand against elected officials using their office for personal gain. Recently, Politico outlined an unnerving case involving Congressman Tom Garrett, his wife, and their usage of congressional staff.

Garrett, who currently represents Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, announced recently that he was not seeking re-election so that he could address personal issues. We wish him the best in that regard, and, as conservatives, we are grateful for many of his policy positions. However, the report is nonetheless discouraging.

The article cites four anonymous staffers who say they were forced to do personal chores for the congressman and his wife during work hours. Those chores included but were not limited to driving around the congressman’s wife and daughters, picking up groceries and fresh clothes, and watching and cleaning up after the couple’s dog- even when the dog used the congressional office as its restroom.

It is disturbing to consider that an elected official would use his/her office in such a way. This is also a clear ethics violation and worthy of investigation.

For the full article view:

What do you think? Do you agree that this is a major issue? Or, do you believe a congressional representative and his/her family have a right to use staff to do personal chores? Join the conversation at:


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