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Alexis Nicole Esneault
Development Associate


Alexis Nicole Esneault
Development Associate

March 9, 2017 @ 5:32 pm
by Admin
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The only intern who truly understands the historical value of sweet tea in the south, Alexis Esneault grew up in the aerospace epi-center, Huntsville, Alabama, and graduated with honors from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, in May, 2015. Though her travels from the northern most to the southern most cities of the state garnered her a degree in Philosophy, this soon-to-be law student has shared her indelible personality and passion for liberty throughout the country and landed her back in Alabama to help raise national awareness for TBOR.Esneault’s resume is a reflection of her inability to accept status quo. In addition to her studies (that secured a 5-time inclusion on the Dean’s List), she founded and served as President of the first ever Young Americans for Liberty Chapter on Spring Hill’s campus in 2013. She was recruited to be the Mississippi State Chair of the YAL and ultimately founded Liberty On The Rocks chapter in Mobile, AL, in order to involve the community outside the campus. She’s been invited to speak at regional and national YAL conventions and is the go-to person for starting and growing a conservative think-group on college campuses around the country. Her internship through Harvard enabled her to spend the summer with the TBOR staff here in Auburn.Esneault’s conservative roots run deep. Surrounded by progressives in both her community and college environment, she’s become quite savvy in defending her allegiance to the concept of small government, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—all while protecting the Constitution. Her excitement and zest for life are contagious. But consider yourself warned—this former philosophy major who tutored Logic for fun, is well-informed and will win the argument. Every. Time. TBOR is thrilled she’s on our side.

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