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Americans Losing Faith in Democracy

Americans Losing Faith in Democracy

October 30, 2017 @ 1:02 pm
by Admin
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Doubt is growing about American democracy, according to recent surveys.

Our nation, naturally patriotic, has long been proud of how our government works. Even when disagreeing with policies from Washington, our system has been a source of pride for the American people. However, recent surveys show that to be waning.

Only 63% of Americans, down from a high of 90% in 2002 and a drop from the previous low of 74% in 2014, are proud of the way our democracy works.

While 7 in 10 Americans view the Trump Administration as dysfunctional, 25% of Trump supporters find the system as a whole to be broken. The greatest consensus- 8 in 10- comes from those who believe that Congress is dysfunctional.

Among the foremost reasons: money in politics.

“I think that since Trump’s election, there’s a spotlight on Washington and how it really works: that politicians are out for themselves and beholden to special interests,” said Nola Sayne, a paralegal in Logansville, Ga., who supported Trump and says she tends to vote Republican.

Countless stories about how foreign governments, primarily Russia, have attempted to use money to influence both sides also show that those “special interests” can often seek the destruction of our nation.

The nasty attack ads funded by unaccountable PACs also serve to heighten the discord which, in turn, also increases the sense of dysfunction. 70% of those surveyed believe the political divisions in the U.S. are at least as big as they were during the Vietnam era.

Perhaps the most telling statistic for those whose political concern is based on sincere ideology: only 12 percent say members of Congress base their policies on a set of core values, while 87 percent say they mainly “do whatever is need to win reelection.”

More on this survey can be found here.

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