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Charities Increasingly an Outlet for Political Giving

Charities Increasingly an Outlet for Political Giving

July 6, 2018 @ 3:27 pm
by Admin
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AUBURN, AL- Charitable giving, in an ideal world, should be a completely a-political outlet for funds. Sadly, new research shows that many are circumventing campaign finance laws by aiming to influence policy through charitable giving.

An outstanding paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research can be found here:

This research says that 7.1% of charitable giving is politically motivated, that a district’s charitable experience a drop in the immediate period after a congressman leaves office, and that this outlet is becoming a major way for those who are impacted by legislation to influence outcomes.

We believe in charitable giving. However, whether on the Right or the Left, we will not hesitate to speak out when it is abused. Moreover, this is yet another example of why the liberal approach of simply aiming to limit campaign money will not work. Without comprehensive reform, special interests always find a way to use money to influence policy.

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