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Debate Watchers: Campaign Finance 1 of Top 4 Campaign Issues

Debate Watchers: Campaign Finance 1 of Top 4 Campaign Issues

November 13, 2015 @ 12:59 pm
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_At 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, Fox Business debunked the myth that no one votes based on campaign finance with one graphic,_ according to John Pudner, Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic, referring to a graphic shown during the Republican debate indicating it was one of the top four issues on the mind of voters.

“A picture is worth 1000 words, and the tired old argument that everyone is for reforming money in politics, but it is a very low priority was proven wrong in one instant.”

_How is it that voters say they care much more about campaign finance then Isis, Iran, Welfare, Social Security, the debt, income inequality or the affordable care act?,_ Pudner asked. _A campaign finance system that lets illegal foreign campaign contributions help determine who wins American elections, does not encourage American Citizens to become small donors, and encourages the spending of taxpayer money by politicians in ways that help special interest groups and individuals who give large campaign contributions does not work. Government will never focus on real solutions to the debt, national security, good jobs, and the overall good of the Republic unless we address the campaign finance system at the root of why bad decisions are being made._

Take Back Our Republic ( was established to educate the public on conservative solutions for campaign finance reform.

_We need to look at conservative solutions to campaign finance reform such as encouraging small donors to offset large donors,disclosing donors so that voters can make their own judgment on why groups supporting a politician are receiving money from a given donor, and closing the loophole that makes it possible for anyone in the world with a credit card to make political contributions on-line without providing a real address._

Earlier in the day, Pudner was a guest on the only statewide radio call-in show in New Hampshire, where he stated that in one case it took well over a year to discover that billionaire Tom Steyer was the source of incredible sums of money for environmental hits on one industry – stating that if it were always disclosed who was giving this money then voters could decide if they thought Steyer or any other major donor were giving to help their own business or for ideological reasons that the voter may or may not support.

Steyer is the No. 1 political giver according to Politico, and Pudner said the same should apply to all major donors – regardless of their ideology.

The Fox Business Debate Graphic was based on research showing that voters had four main issues on their minds going into the debate. At 10:20 p.m., the network put up an image with real-time data from FaceBook showing that Homeland Security, Taxes, Campaign Finance and the Size of Government were the four issues that were far and away the most important issues on the mind of voters.

Campaign Finance was the only of the four top priorities for voters that was not addressed by candidates.

For more information contact Jared Thomas at 404.663.3646/, or John Pudner at 404.606.3163/

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