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Democrat Strategist Laments Lack of Challengers, Cites Money

Democrat Strategist Laments Lack of Challengers, Cites Money

September 29, 2017 @ 5:18 pm
by Admin
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A fundamental belief of our organization is that solving the money in politics problem is the closest thing to a silver bullet to restoring real democracy and ushering in good policy.

While we are a conservative organization, one of the nation’s top Democrat strategists agrees.

Atlanta-based strategist and former Obama operative Tharon Johnson recently wrote an article lamenting the fact that so many campaign result in the re-election of the incumbent and the overwhelming majority of open seats having only one candidate on the ballot.

One of the chief reasons cited by Johnson is the money advantage of incumbents, who can leverage their position to receive lobbyist contributions and build a campaign war chest.

His article can be found HERE.

Now, Johnson has worked primarily on the Left, and his hope is that recent shifts in Georgia will lead to more Democrats running, even in seats they are not supposed to win. What we hope is to see more candidates, in both parties, running and no longer seeing money as a barrier to entry.

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