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Recent White Papers:
The Relationship Between Party in Governor’s Mansion and States with the Highest Growth Rate. Click HERE.
The Relationship Between Party in Control of the Legislature and the States with the Greatest Increase in Lobbyists. Click HERE.
Self Enrichment in Public office. Click HERE.
Lobbying Industry Means Big Money in the Empire State- A By the Numbers Look. Click HERE.
A Culture of Corruption Permeates the Empire State. Click HERE.
The Battle Continues in Missouri: Part 1. Click HERE.
A Study on State Lobbying: High Growth States and Campaign Finance- Part 1. Click HERE.
Tennessee Levels Largest Ever Campaign Finance Violation At Former Lawmaker. Click HERE.
New Jersey Push For Disclosure. Click HERE.
Reform on Georgians' Minds After Expensive Race. Click HERE.
St. Petersburg Moves to Cap SuperPAC Money. Click HERE.
The Real Loser is the Current Campaign Finance System. Click HERE.