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End Campaign Contributions from Unidentified Sources!

End Campaign Contributions from Unidentified Sources!

May 15, 2017 @ 7:35 pm
by Admin

End campaign contributions from unidentified sources!

A huge loophole in campaign finance laws allows unknown donors to contribute unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns via credit card. We need to stop this – before the next election.

Congress has known about this loophole since 2008, when a Missouri woman went public with the fact that someone had used her identity to disguise almost $175,000 in campaign contributions.

Since then, this same “unverified contribution” process has been used to fund hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign spending, including negative television commercials.  And there’s no way for voters to know where that money came from.  Foreign interests? Corporations with government contracts?  Other types of special interests?  There’s no way to find out.

Here’s how it works. Usually, when you buy something online, the retailer asks for your address information and the CVV (security) code to verify your identity. Political campaigns are allowed to skip that step. They have to pay more in processing fees, to skip the step – but they do it anyway.

Yes, that’s right – political campaigns are spending millions more in credit card processing fees, just to skip the step of verifying the donor’s identity.  And about half of Congressional campaigns have online donation systems that allow unverified contributions.

We, the voters, need to demand that Congress fixes the problem before another election comes and goes with millions of dollars in “unverified contributions” still flowing through this loophole. H.R. 1341, the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act, is a common-sense fix that prevents political donors from using credit cards to evade campaign finance laws.

Please sign this petition and tell your elected officials to support HR. 1341 and end campaign contributions from unidentifiable sources!

Here’s what the petition says:

It’s time to fix the loophole that allows political donors to evade our campaign finance laws.  Every election cycle, hundreds of millions of dollars are given through unverified credit card transactions — with no way for voters to know where the money is coming from.  Foreign nationals? Corporations with government business? Other special interests?  There’s no way to find out who is influencing our elections.

Passing H.R. 1341, the Stop Foreign Donation Affecting Our Elections Act, will help restore the integrity of our elections. Congress has known about this problem since 2008, but has done nothing to fix it.  It needs to be fixed before another election passes. Please do everything you can to close this loophole now.


You can sign the petition here

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