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Getting through (literal) mud-slinging to Presidential Candidates

Getting through (literal) mud-slinging to Presidential Candidates

December 3, 2015 @ 5:31 am
by admin
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Getting through (literal) mud-slinging to Presidential Candidates

An open letter to all Presidential campaigns – we proved this week that even mud-slinging will not stop us from getting to each and every Presidential candidate regarding conservative solutions for campaign finance reform (see Bloomberg story today, and recent New Hampshire and Wisconsin interviews).

This week we were invited to Capitol Hill (next Wednesday at 1 p.m.) for the announcement of bipartisan legislation being introduced to address unverified credit card contributions that enable foreign and other illegal money to influence American campaigns. We will continue to work for opportunities to meet with each Presidential campaign from both parties to talk about our educational papers on the need for disclosure and enabling millions of small donors to get involved and have a voice again in their government.


To that end, we are getting this email to the New Hampshire campaigns of every Presidential candidate to let them know I will be back in New Hampshire again on Monday and would welcome the chance to continue to meet candidates. Take Back Our Republic is a non-partisan and non-profit so we do not advocate for the election or defeat of any candidate. Some candidates have told me or one of my colleagues bluntly that they do not support one or more of our positions, while others have followed-up by publicly endorsing measures based on our educational papers. We are not meeting to report what your candidate says, only to start the conversation so that if a piece of legislation addressing any of these issues makes it to the desk of the next President he or she will be familiar with the importance to keeping our Republic. (Of course, we would be thrilled if any move faster and make it to the desk of the current President as well.)


While we will not publicize the Presidential candidates who recently spoke out in favor of some of our measures to be sure we are not perceived as promoting them – we can report on how hard we will work to get information to one candidate after another – most recently – Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton.

While Clinton and her team were not available during one recent trip to New Hampshire, we were able to meet with New Hampshire Rebellion Executive Director Daniel Weeks to address his whole staff regarding our Educational Papers, and then do an hour long radio interview with him on New Hampshire Public Radio. As you can hear in that interview, Daniel and I come from different ideological backgrounds and not all of our solutions are the same – but we were happy he had the benefit of our input and Educational Papers before he met with Clinton (see photo).


The pictures of the truck stuck in the mud during a virtual flood at Lake Guntersville this week was part of our adventure in getting information on conservative solutions for campaign finance reform to Marco Rubio and his State Finance Chair when he passed through our region.


A friend who is a State co-chair for Rubio gave me and my staff the opportunity to intercept him on the topic at an event in Lake Guntersville. Unfortunately, a virtual monsoon swept off the lake and my car was one of several that sunk into the mud (see photo above) and we literally could not even get to him.


Luckily you learn to think quickly in these situations – while Justin Hill from our team tried to push us out of deep mud – it suddenly occurred to me to send Haleigh Herring ahead to the home of my friend Slade Blackwell, where I knew Rubio would go next.


Talk about a great team! Justin ordered me back in the car while he pushed – so the “mud-slinging” I mentioned above was literally the result of me hitting the gas too hard and covering Justin with mud. This is why you will notice in the top photo that only my shoes and not my suit were muddy once I was able to finally get out and make the drive to Blackwell’s house to catch him and Rubio. Meanwhile, Haleigh used her military training to navigate flooded roads on what became a two-hour plus drive for both of us and was able to catch both Rubio and Blackwell (photos below of Rubio answering questions at Blackwell’s house with the President of the Alabama Farmers Federation, which is one of our donors, then Haleigh with both Rubio and Blackwell).

Once I arrived and tried to clean the mud off my shoes, we were able to have a good discussion on the importance of these conservative solutions for campaign finance reform.


No matter what it takes, we will continue to have these discussions with each and every candidate and a chance to overcome objections to any of these approaches – all we can offer is good policy we believe citizens will like – not endorsements or contributions.


To focus this email once again on the Presidential campaign staff from each campaign receiving this email today, please call the office at334.329.7258 or even call me on cell at 404.606.3163, particularly if I have yet to meet your candidate, and let me know if I can come by Monday when I get to New Hamsphire.


John Pudner, Executive Director

Take Back Our Republic

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