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Liberty Grove Joins Host of Wisconsin Communities Calling for Reform

Liberty Grove Joins Host of Wisconsin Communities Calling for Reform

July 18, 2017 @ 3:53 pm
by Admin
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The Badger State continues to be a hotbed for reform. There, grassroots movements are thriving in communities- 108 to be exact.

With the addition of Liberty Grove, that’s the number of Wisconsin communities who have called for a referendum.

This referendum would allow voters to determine whether the state should call for a constitutional amendment to address campaign finance reform. There are 19 other states who have made similar calls.

Door County United to Amend, which is coordinating the charge there, said in a release that it hopes the amendment would address “dark money spent by super-PAC groups to attack candidates and influence voters and elected officials.”

The college home of Take Back Our Republic Executive Director, John Pudner, Wisconsin has historically been a tremendous indicator of national political movements. Now, we see that, once again, Wisconsin is at the forefront of the winds of change.

More information can be found HERE.

What do you think? Is Wisconsin indicative of a national movement? Do you like seeing the reform effort manifesting in local movements that impact upwards?  Join the conversation on Facebook and continue to check Take for the latest thoughts on reform.

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