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Name State Date
ABC News OH 1/15/16
ABQ FoxNews NM 1/20/16
Alabama Talk Radio Extensive Interview – Viewpoint AL 4/16/16
Alabama Today AL 5/9/16
Alan Nathan Show VA 4/11/16
Albuquerque Journal NM 6/11/16
Albuquerque Journal NM 1/24/18
Alaska Dispatch News AK 6/24/16
Albuquerque Journal AL 6/11/17
Al Jazeera America DC 12/10/15
American Blog WA 10/27/15
American Citizens Action Summit (Jared Thomas on Panel) DC 10/12/16
America Now Radio (Meghan McCain Interview) NY 6/21/17
American Political Zone NY 12/08/17
American Promise MA 4/26/17
American Prospect DC 5/26/16
American Prospect (FEC) DC 6/24/16
American Prospect (Patriotic Millionaires) OH 7/20/17
American Prospect (Pro-Gorsuch Ads) DC 4/06/17
American Prospect (Legislative Press Conference) DC 12/17/15
American Prospect (Jolly Bill) DC 1/20/17
American Prospect (Praise from Nick Penniman) DC 1/18/17
Americans for Prosperity broadcast (campaign experience that led to formation) DC 8/21/14
American Sustainable Business Council DC 7/22/16
Argus Leader SD 6/19/17
Asia Cruiser News NM 2/15/16
Associated Press NJ 7/19/18
Associated Press IA 1/03/16
Associated Press – New Mexico NM 1/23/18
Aspen Ideas Festival CO 7/22/15
Aspen TV CO 3/12/15
Atlanta Journal-Constitution GA 9/4/15
Atlanta TV Website GA 12/14/17
Austin Daily Herald TX 7/20/18
Bearing Drift VA 12/01/16
Beaumont Enterprise  TX 12/04/16
Bill Moyers DC 3/25/16
Bill Moyers- Trevor Potter Interview DC 4/06/16
Bill Moyers Democracy Spring MD 4/15/16
Bill Moyers Foreign Money DC 6/30/16
Bloomberg DC 4/27/15
Bloomberg BNA DC 12/03/15
Bloomberg BNA (Patriotic Millionaires) DC 10/14/16
Bloomberg Money and Politics DC 6/20/16
Bloomberg BNA (FEC) DC 6/22/16
Bloomberg BNA (Trump Divestiture) DC 1/12/17
Boonesville Daily Press MO 10/27/15
Boston Talk Radio interview MA 11/07/16
Boston Herald Radio MA 6/22/17
Breitbart: Story on foreign political contributions from a porn company CA 5/06/15
Breitbart:  Democracy Spring DE 4/03/16
Bristol Herald Courier – VA VA 8/08/15
Broadcasting and Cable DC 10/31/17
Buffalo TV Website NY 12/14/17
California Newz CA 7/20/18
Campaigns & Election (approach to grassroots that led to TBOR) OH 1/02/15
The Canton Repository (Ohio) OH 3/15/16
Carthage Press (Link Not Available) MO 4/09/16
CBS 247 Sports WI 7/30/17
CBSNews (Trump Divestment) DC 1/03/17
Central Wisconsin Broadcasting WI 7/22/18
Center for Public Integrity DC 7/16/16
Chad Adams Radio Show NC 5/23/18
Chicago Tribune IL 1/23/18
CNN Money (Trump Divestment) DC 1/04/17
Common Cause NM 1/26/18
Concord Journal MA 5/01/17
Concord Monitor MA 1/13/18
Concord Monitor MA 1/13/18
Courier Journal AL 11/01/16
CQ Researcher DC 5/19/16
CQ Quarterly/Roll Call (no link allowed on second story due to subscription-based content, but image below DC 7/27/16
C-SPAN NH 2/15/18
Cut to the Chase Radio- Interview with John Pudner VA 8/03/18
Daily Beast DC 5/26/15
Daily Caller DC 1/14/15
Daily Caller Cunningham Op/Ed DC 4/25/16
Daily Caller (see video of White House speech) DC 4/13/16
Daily Caller (OpEd) DC 4/18/17
Daily Caller (FEC) DC 6/25/16
Daily Herald UT 6/23/15
Daily Herald UT 7/19/18
Daily Journal – IN IN 10/18/17
Daily Wire DC 1/11/17
Dakota Free Press SD 10/20/16
Democrat Herald NY 10/18/17
Detroit Free Press MI 7/27/18
Don Smith Show FL 1/01/17
Drudge Report DC 2/01/16
Echo Press MN 8/15/18
ESPN MA 12/12/16
Facing South NC 10/02/16
FEC Hearing DC 6/08/16
FEC Debate DC 6/08/16
Flemingsburg Gazette KY 1/18/16 NM 1/23/18
Fox 27 Charlottesville Television (Link Not Available) VA 8/09/15 DC 2/02/15
Fox News interview campaign experience that led to formation NY 6/12/14
Fox News – The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton CA 7/30/17
Fox Sports NY 1/21/15
Frontiersman (Alaska)  AK 7/23/18
Gathering of Leaders GA 12/01/15
Gazette-Times – OR OR 3/09/15
GCN Radio Network – The Josh Trolley Show MO 6/30/15
Globe Gazette – Iowa IA 3/27/16
Guymon Daily Herald (story from interview not available) OK 4/12/17
The Harvard Crimson MA 8/02/17
Harvard Presentation MA 8/20/17
Hawaii Public Radio HI 1/03/17
HBO “Does Money Talk?” Trailer CA 7/13/16
The Hill DC 4/03/18
The Hill DC 11/13/16
The Hill  DC 10/11/17
The Hill (Concerned Veterans for America) DC 7/07/17
Huffington Post DC 9/28/16
Huffington Post (America’s Dying Democracy) DC 12/18/17
Huffington Post Brookings Event DC 2/02/16
Huffington Post Democracy Spring MD 4/12/16
Huffington Post Six New Pieces of a Real Democracy Movement DC 3/08/16
Huffington Post (Cleveland) OH 7/19/16
Houston Chronicle TX 1/10/17
ICitizen Quotes Take Back Our Republic TN 8/01/16
Issue One Newsletter DC 4/11/17
IVN (GA-6) GA 6/22/17
IVN News CA 7/24/18
Jeff and Dan Show (Oregon) OR 7/21/15
Joe Thomas Radio Show (Charlottesville, VA) VA 6/13/16
The Josh Tolley Radio Show (National) MO 6/30/17
Kansas City Star KS 4/14/17
Kansas City Star (Greitens and Express Scripts) MO 7/28/17
KANW – New Mexico NM 1/23/18
KCBD – Lubbock, TX TX 6/09/17
KJFF (Missouri) MO 8/08/16
KLST TX 7/19/18
KOB – New Mexico NM 1/23/18
KOSU (NPR) DC 4/26/17
KRWG (NPR – New Mexico) NM 7/19/17
KSOO (Sioux Falls) SD 10/22/17
KSFR (Santa Fe) NM 2/05/18
KUNM – New Mexico NM 1/23/18
Las Vegas Now NV 7/19/18
Las Vegas Sun NV 3/18/16
Law Breaking News USA 7/19/18
Los Alamos Daily Post NM 1/24/18
Lincoln Journal Star NE 6/17/17
Mark Alliegro Radio Show (Boston, Link Not Available) MA 5/10/16
The Monitor TX 6/08/16
Montana Standard MT 3/16/16
Mother Jones OH 7/21/16
The Moulton Advertiser – AL AL 5/02/17
Marquette University lecture campaign experience that led to formation WI 8/03/11
McAlester News OK 11/02/15
Minnesota Public Radio MN 7/22/15
MinnPost MN 1/14/15
Missoulian – Montana MT 5/20/17
Monroe County (GA) Reporter GA 1/04/16
MSNBC DC 8/18/15
My Plainview – TX TX 9/06/16
My San TX 12/10/15
My San Antonio TX 7/19/18
Myrtle Beach Online SC 7/12/16
National Radio Show DC 12/07/15
National Review (campaign experience that led to formation of Take Back Our Republic) VA 1/06/14
NBC News DC 8/03/16
News West 9 – TX TX 5/14/17 NY 2/18/16
NPR DC 2/14/16
NPR (Wealthy Donors) DC 7/16/16
NPR, On Point National Broadcast DC 7/15/16
NPR (Trump Divestment) DC 1/03/17
New Hampshire Talk Radio NH 6/05/16
New Hampshire Public Radio NH 11/05/15
New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism NH 9/08/15
net (New Mexico) NM 3/14/16
New York Times (quotes John Pudner) NY 8/15/18
New York Times NY 10/15/15
New York Times (Trump) NY 2/01/16
New York Times (Trump Couple) NY 4/01/17
New York Times (Ivanka Trump’s Global Reach) NY 4/18/17
New York Times (Link No Longer Working) NY 7/19/18
News and Observer – NC NC 6/04/16
News Courier AL 7/08/14
Newsmax FL 4/26/18
Newsmax FL 5/08/18
Newsmax FL 6/19/18
Newsmax FL 7/09/18
Newsmax VA 1/19/15
Newsmax FL 4/14/16
Newsmax (Foreign Contributions) FL 9/12/17
Newsmax (White House) FL 4/14/16
Newsmax (Transgender Bathroom Debate) AL 2/13/18
Newsweek DC 7/10/16
NC Insider NC 5/25/18
Ohio Conservative Review OH 5/20/16
Ohio Talk Radio OH 6/27/17
Opelika-Auburn (OA) News campaign experience that led to formation AL 7/05/14
Open Secrets DC 12/09/15
Pennsylvania Statewide Wire Story PA 2/12/15
Politico NY 1/14/15
Press Association (Washington DC) DC 4/09/16
Political Fireball  NM 1/21/18
Politics and Moore (July 1, 2017) AL 7/01/17
Public News Service MO 4/09/17
Public Radio International DC 3/24/16
ProPublica DC 2/13/18
Radio Cafe (New Mexico) NM 1/10/18
Real World (Atlanta talk radio) GA 6/20/17
The Register-Herald (West Virginia) WV 4/12/16
The Republic IN 5/13/17
Reuters MA 8/05/16
Reuters (Boston Harbor) MA 4/15/16
Review Times OH 7/19/18
Rob Port Show ND 6/26/18
Rock River Times (New Hampshire) NH 1/28/15
Roll Call – See CQ Quarterly DC 7/27/15
The Ron Edwards Experience  NV 1/29/18
Ruidoso News NM 10/10/17
The Salem News (Mass) MA 3/14/16
Salon VA 9/11/16
Santa Fe New Mexican NM 1/23/18
Santa Fe New Mexican NM 3/01/18
Seacoast Online (Marchers Promote Clean Elections) ME 7/10/17
Seattle Times WA 1/23/18
SF Gate CA 7/19/18
Shepherd Express WI 11/24/15
Sinclair Broadcast Group IL 12/29/16
Sonora News (Arizona) AZ 7/22/15
South Dakota Speech SD 7/27/18
The Spirit of Jefferson WV 6/15/16
Sputnik News (Moscow) RU 5/19/15
Seattle Times WA 10/15/15
Stacy on the Right (KFTK – St. Louis) MO 3/27/17
Star Telegram TX 5/12/17
Star Tribune MN 7/19/18
St. Louis Post-Dispatch MO 8/21/16
St. Louis Post-Dispatch MO 8/09/16
Joseph News-Press MO 8/05/16
The Center for Public Integrity  DC 10/18/16
The Tom Brown Show NH 4/28/17
Time Magazine NY 2/03/17
Tom Brown Show NH 9/01/17
Truthout DC 4/10/16
Truth for Our Times Radio Show (Iowa) IA 4/29/16
Tulane Hullabaloo LA 2/07/18
TV American Political Zone CT 12/08/17
US News and World Report DC 1/16/15
US News and World Report – New Mexico NM 1/23/18
US PIRG DC 7/29/16
USA Today DC 5/18/15
USA Today (Democracy Spring) MD 4/16/16
USA Today on FEC Victory DC 12/15/17
USA Today (Rep. Tom Price) DC 2/08/15
USA Today (Patriotic Millionaires) OH 7/18/16
USA Today (Trump Team) DC 12/16/16
USA Today (Tax Credits For Small Donors) DC 6/19/17
Vernuccio-Novak Report CT 12/07/17
Virginian Pilot VA 8/21/17
Vote Law AL 7/31/14
Vogue NY 10/07/15
WAAY-TV (Huntsville, AL) AL 5/09/17
Waging Nonviolence DC 4/04/16
Washington Free Beacon OH 7/19/16
Washington Life DC 5/05/16
Washington Post DC 3/14/18
Washington Post DC 1/13/15
Washington Post DC 11/07/15
Washington Post (Trump) DC 5/06/16
Washington Post (Trump Divestment) DC 12/09/16
Washington Post (Trump Divestment, Part Two) DC 1/02/17
Washington Post (Presidential Transition) DC 10/19/16
Washington Post (Trump Groups) DC 4/02/17
Washington Times (executive order Op/Ed) DC 2/05/16
Washington Times (on campaign that led to TBOR) DC 7/08/14
Washington Times NM 1/23/18
WBZ1030 (Nightside with Dan Rea) MA 4/27/17
WCHV (Joe Thomas Show) OH 5/10/16
WDUN GA 7/19/18
We The People Convention (VIDEO) NH 2/16/16
Weekly Standard NY 11/01/17
Weekly Standard (Patriotic Millionaires) OH 7/18/16
WEZS (Laconia, NH) NH 4/28/17
Whio TV OH 7/19/18
Wireless Goodness LA 2/08/18
WGBH (Boston, MA) MA 7/05/15
WND DC 2/14/18
WVNN – Politics and Moore (Huntsville, AL) AL 4/24/14
WTVY (Dothan, AL) AL 7/17/16
Wyoming Promise WY 4/18/17
Yahoo News USA 1/20/15
The Young Turks OH 9/21/17
YubaNet (Nevada City, CA) CA 1/03/17