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Over a Million watch Pudner on Fox News

Over a Million watch Pudner on Fox News

August 11, 2017 @ 2:03 am
by Admin
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The TV ratings are in!  More than 1.1 million people watched Take Back’s Executive Director John Pudner on “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton” on Sunday, July 30.

That was a 26% increase in the show’s audience from the previous week — far more viewers than watched CNN’s “The Nineties” and almost double the number who watched MSNBC’s “Dateline Extra” during the time slot.

Take Back coordinators organized house parties to watch Pudner’s interview; and tweets encouraging viewership reached hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers of leaders across the political spectrum, including Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer; Trump critic and Bush Ethics czar Dr. Richard Painter; and President Obama’s ethics counsel Norm Eisen.

Click here to see John’s appearance, and join your state chapter of Take Back Our Republic by leaving your email and state at or calling the office at 334.329.7258.

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