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North Dakota Coordinator Lays Out Need For Reform

North Dakota Coordinator Lays Out Need For Reform

August 14, 2018 @ 3:56 pm
by Admin
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Imagine one of our legislators telling a lobbyist that they aren’t interested in lunch, but I will accept that bribe instead of lunch with you? Our state like Arizona, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho and New Mexico have no ethics commission for watchdog oversight on bribery with penalty, violation of disclosures, false statements, foreign donors, misuse of confidential information and a litany of other felonies and misdemeanors against we the people.

Money and politics is nothing new, however, when monitored it is much better. A constitutional ballot initiative is now underway in North Dakota to stop this nefarious conduct by any elected legislator establishing a five-member panel to ban atrocious misconduct by any parties involved in our governance. Take the time to review it: North Dakotans for Public Integrity is spearheading this dynamic change we can believe in for our state.

To read Take Back’s North Dakota coordinator Elizabeth Grey Bear’s op-ed in its entirety click here

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