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All States Should Review and Adopt Ranked Choice Voting

All States Should Review and Adopt Ranked Choice Voting

June 8, 2018 @ 12:00 am
by Admin
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Despite the poorly written headline in the Hill (Top finisher in San Francisco mayor’s race trails due to ranked voting), this story and the comments from readers give a great example of why all states should adopt ranked choice voting. We do not have in-depth knowledge of the candidates in this race, but the dynamics make it  clear that obnoxious frontrunners who believe they can slash their way to election in a multicandidate race by rallying one-third of the voters and not caring about the two-thirds they have turned off are replaced by candidates who work to build 50% plus one support – and voters in the military or who may have trouble voting a second time in a runoff get to make their preferences for a second or third choice crystal clear with their vote. Read the story in the Hill by clicking here.

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