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Steyer Props up Struggling Dem Candidate

Steyer Props up Struggling Dem Candidate

July 2, 2018 @ 7:13 pm
by Admin
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AUBURN, AL- The idea that “one person can make a difference” is something we all want to believe in.

Unfortunately, instead of the “anyone can make a difference” concept that inspires hope, we are seeing that the “one person” really means “only a superrich individual,” a sad reality that shows how broken our system truly is.

In one gubernatorial race Billionaire and campaign mega-funder Tom Steyer single-handedly gave $1 million to prop up a candidate who otherwise struggled to raise the funds needed to keep pace. While Take Back Our Republic strives NOT promote or attack candidates by name during elections, so we redact the candidate’s name in this quote:

“As we battle for the heart and soul of this nation, (my candidate) is the kind of leader we need on the front lines,” said Steyer, who is using his organization, NextGen America, to give $500,000 directly to the candidate and set aside $500,000 internally to act on the candidates behalf. “He’s someone we can trust to do the right thing, to put the people before the powerful, and who is unafraid to stand up for justice, now when we need it most.”

With several self-funders in the race, it is unclear whether the rising progressive star will be able to leverage Steyer’s money into a victory. Still, it is clear that such a large sum from such a prominent mega-donor is a shot in the arm.

What do you think? Should one person be able to have such a direct influence on an election? Does this need to be fixed? Or, is this a “right” that must be protected? Join the conversation at


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