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Take Back Congratulates Neil Gorsuch on SCOTUS Confirmation

Take Back Congratulates Neil Gorsuch on SCOTUS Confirmation

April 8, 2017 @ 12:21 am
by Admin

Take Back our Republic would like to congratulate Neil Gorsuch on his elevation to the Supreme Court.

At the same time, we also want to point out that his confirmation process represents exactly what is wrong with our political process.

When Judge Gorsuch was nominated to sit on the federal Appeals Court, his nomination was confirmed unanimously. The entire Senate agreed that he was “an extraordinarily well-qualified nominee” deserving of bipartisan support.

Yet just a decade later, there is so much partisan rancor in the Senate that Leadership had to invoke “the nuclear option” to get Judge Gorsuch confirmed.

What happened? “Dark Money” organizations on both sides of the aisle took the opportunity to spend money escalating the partisan divide. Groups with innocuous-sounding names – groups that can take unlimited amounts of money without any requirement to disclose – spent millions of dollars turning what could have been an uncontroversial vote into a political bloodbath.

Senators who had voted together, just a decade before, were pitted against each other. The Senate’s tradition of respectful, bipartisan collaboration was thrown out the window. A Senate procedural practice, dating back almost 200 years, was broken.

Perhaps the aftermath of Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation can serve as a time of reckoning in DC – a time for both sides to recognize: this is what happens when unlimited, untraceable money is allowed to rule our political processes.

The voters already understand this. Opinion polls consistently show that voters want the system fixed. By overwhelming bipartisan margins, voters say they want transparency, accountability, reform.

It’s time to take our government back from the special interests, and return it to the people.

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