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TAKE BACK Coordinators Wrap Up Texas Week With Reform Appeal to Conservatives

TAKE BACK Coordinators Wrap Up Texas Week With Reform Appeal to Conservatives

October 11, 2017 @ 1:41 am
by Admin
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DALLAS – Texas Take Back Our Republic Coordinators Itamar Gelbman and Patricia Embry, joined Executive Director John Pudner (photo above) wrapped up a week of Texas meetings with an appeal for conservatives to join the fight for reform. The third Texas Coordinator Eric Yang is at Harvard for the school year.

Pudner made the case that libertarians should reject the argument that they should favor no reform, and allow systems such as South Dakota’s law allowing secret gifts to politicians, pointing out that to do so actually allows more government intervention in business by picking winners and losers. The speech (see recording below) started with humorous campaign stories due to the event being labeled “Isn’t Politics Funny.”


While the week culminated with an appeal to Republicans at a Republican event, the week included meetings in Dallas and Houston and the distribution of many copies of Taxation Only With Representation to diverse audiences.

The first event last week (lower photo) featured President Obama’s FEC Chair Ann Ravel, paired with conservative talk show radio host Josh Bernstein and Evan Sayet, a well known conservative comic who previously wrote for Jimmy Kimmel, the Arsenio Hall Show and others. That event was on the campus of North Texas, the one school whose team nickname is named after a famous alumni, Mean Joe Greene, who went on to win Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Students there ranged from conservatives to a self-proclaimed “anchor baby.”

Another meeting included University of Dallas Constitutional Law professor Christopher Wolfe.

In Houston, John was a guest of one of the first key supporters of Take Back Our Republic at a baseball playoff game, where he met several other key Houston leaders. After being told a community he visited in Northern California last week was the most diverse in the country, Pudner visited a section of Houston that truly takes the crown, with almost exactly 25 percent of the residents being White, African-American, Asian and Hispanic.

Take Back Our Republic looks forward to a robust operation moving forward in the Lone Star State, to build on our April update on reform efforts in the state.

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