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Take Back ED Addresses Activists from 26 States in Chicago on Tragic Weekend

Take Back ED Addresses Activists from 26 States in Chicago on Tragic Weekend

August 13, 2017 @ 8:07 pm
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On a tragic weekend that featured the second bloody political attack this summer – conservatives Jim Rubens (former New Hampshire State Senator) and Take Back Our Republic Executive Director John Pudner reached across the political divide to address activists from 26 states gathered for a Wolf-PAC training session in Chicago.

Pudner was national and religion editor for the Charlottesville Daily Progress, the home newspaper of the city that witnessed the deadly car attack by a right wing Ohioan less than two months after a left wing activist shot Republican Members of Congress at a baseball field.

In one-on-one conversations with many in attendance, Pudner talked about his reaction to seeing the bloodshed in the city he called home, and his sadness that the country can no longer seem to unite to mourn a tragedy without trying to score political points. The vitriolic nature of politics fueled by dark money creates an environment where violence is more commonplace at campaign events; and violence can escalate to tragedy, as it has this past weekend.

In a counter example to the current poisonous political climate, trans-partisan activists from across the political spectrum gave both Rubens and Pudner numerous ovations.  Most of the 65 leaders in attendance – selected as the most active out of hundreds of Wolf-PAC coordinators – asked Pudner to sign a book and/or to continue to collaborate after they returned to their home states.

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