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Take Back OpEd Featured in NewsMax

Take Back OpEd Featured in NewsMax

September 13, 2017 @ 12:22 pm
by Admin
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One of the only things that unites Americans is agreement that our republic is broken, and we need to take it back.

For years I tried to do this from a political, partisan perspective — winning low-budget campaigns to enable Republicans to take over the Virginia legislature in the 1990s, then the Alabama legislature a decade later — with a massive effort to win over the faith-based vote for Bush-Cheney 2000.

My political efforts culminated when I launched Dave Brat’s upset of Majority Leader Eric Cantor — which put a great elected official in office but also made me realize we could not change the system one elected official at a time. Instead, we had to change the system.

I gave up campaigns to start a non-profit, non-partisan group, Take Back Our Republic.

Click HERE to read the entire OpEd in NewsMax.

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