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Tax Day, Arrest, Cash in Harbor

Tax Day, Arrest, Cash in Harbor

April 18, 2016 @ 3:01 pm
by admin
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If you have a google alert for “Take Back Our Republic,” then you received stories from USA Today, NewsMax, Reuters and Bill Moyers based on an arrest in DC, throwing campaign cash in the Boston Harbor, and tax credit request on tax day. See below:

  1. Boston Harbor campaign cash
  2. Capitol Hill protest
  3. Co-Sponsors to stop foreign money, provide tax credit

As we get ready to set our budget on May 2, please help us keep up the pressure for conservative solutions to campaign finance reform with a contribution to Take Back Our Republic.

1. Boston Harbor campaign cash


Dr. Richard Painter, a TBOR Board Member and former Ethics Czar for President George W. Bush, fired up a crowd at the Boston Harbor as TBOR Massachusetts Coordinator Peter Buckley and other supporters threw campaign contributions into the Harbor. To ensure that politicians did not dive in the Harbor, I assured them there was no real money in the crates. (see Reuters for more details)


2. Capitol Hill protest

USA Today and Bill Moyers reported on the protest at the Capitol that resulted in the (brief) arrest of our Advisory Board Member Rob Schaaf (left in photo). Rob and others wore the red shirts we first wore in front of the White House asking why President Obama refuses to stop secret contributions from government contractors even though he clearly does not mind signing executive orders on other items. (see extensive stories in USA Today and Bill Moyers).

(Today protests shifted to the debates over approving President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and not allowing States to require IDs before someone votes, which are not part of the Take Back Our Republic agenda. Take Back participated last week to express for support for finding conservative solutions for campaign finance reform.)

3. Co-Sponsors to stop foreign money, provide tax credit

The White House expressed a willingness to look at one of the proposals from the Boston Harbor and DC Protests, that each American be able to keep the first $200 they were going to send the IRS and instead use it to hold politicians accountable with a contributions to or against them. (see NewsMax story here)


Take Back Our Republic plans this as our second legislation, following up on HR4177 to stop foreign donations, which has now been co-sponsored by many on the House Administration Committee. (see cosponsors here)


Since being introduced by some of the most conservatives members of Congress, it has been co-sponsored by some moderate Republicans, the most conservative Democrat in Congress and one of the most liberal.


As a non-profit organization, we have accomplished a lot in our first full year, but we do count on contributions from people like you. Please contribute whatever you can as we approach our May 2 meeting to budget and keep these great efforts moving forward.

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