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TBOR ED Talks with Cruz Months After Libertarian Johnson Joins TBOR

TBOR ED Talks with Cruz Months After Libertarian Johnson Joins TBOR

June 6, 2016 @ 4:58 am
by admin
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If TBOR’s conversations with leading Presidential candidates is any indicator, campaign finance reform could be silver lining to an election cycle that frustrates so many voters.

Take Back does not support or oppose candidates, but continues to make the case to Presidential candidates before, during and after they run.

Sunday Ted Cruz and TBOR ED John Pudner talked near the Texas State Capitol. In addition to providing information on TBOR, the two touched on taking on the political establish from Dave Brat’s win to Cruz’s Presidential race. Cruz previously talked with Steve Thomas of TBOR.

In July, Gary Johnson signed up as a TBOR Member after reviewing policy information and meeting with TBOR’s Alexis Esneault. In a follow-up cell phone conversation with Pudner, Johnson said he could not serve as New Mexico Chair due to other commitments later in the year – which turned out to be running and winning the Libertarian Presidential nomination.

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In between, TBOR featured:

  1. Hillary Clinton’s meeting at New Hampshire Rebellion to review some shared goals,
  2. John Kasich on video stating his support for the tax credit advocated by TBOR,
  3. Donald Trump’s rise to the nomination started with him calling out politicians for doing whatever big donors tell them, and
  4. Bernie Sanders made campaign finance reform a centerpiece and rose from a few percentage points to a virtual tie for the Democratic nomination.

The fact that all six candidates who have polled in double figures in the past month have focused on money in politics is a breakthrough from past campaigns.

Add to that the top two current leaders – from my conversation with now-Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin in May 2015 to the discussion of Take Back Our Republic’s tax credit proposal at an April 2016 White House briefing – and you realize conservative solutions for campaign finance reform are being discussed by every top leader in the country and top candidates for President.RyanPUDNERWhiteHouse




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