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2020 Challengers Face Campaign Finance Questions

2020 Challengers Face Campaign Finance Questions

March 14, 2019 @ 7:23 pm
by Admin
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HR1 just passed the House, offering sweeping campaign finance reform and many other election changes, and while there are some very good provisions, it would also create many problems, not address some of the most pressing ones, and will not pass a Republican Senate prior to the presidential election, which turns the focus to how candidates will raise their money.

The following quote sums up the basic case for eliminating Super PACs:

“The current system is absurd. As a candidate who has had Super PACs supporting me and Super PACs attacking me, it makes no sense not to have candidates able to communicate their own messages and instead have this bizarre world of Super PACs.”

However, you may be surprised that this quote came not from a progressive Democrat, but from Senator Ted Cruz, who along with Freedom Caucus Leader Mark Meadows continues to press the case for eliminating Super PACs from the right.

To read the Op-Ed in its entirety click here.

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