Take Back’s 3-Week Cross-Country Tour

Take Back’s 3-Week Cross-Country Tour includes
Meetings with Legacy Organizations Founded by Conservative Icons


During a 3-week whirlwind tour, TAKE BACK met in Chicago with leaders of foundations formed by two of the greatest conservative reformers in the history of the nation.  


The McCormick Foundation is the legacy of Col. Robert R. McCormick, who was a Republican elected official until taking over the Chicago Tribune a century ago. The Foundation is represented by Democracy Program Director John Sirek, at right in the above photo.


The Stuart Family Foundation was established by Robert Douglas Stuart Jr., the former Quaker Oats CEO and Chairman who was appointed by President Reagan as Ambassador to Norway. The Foundation is represented by Executive Director Truman Anderson and Program Officer Cathy DeWeirdt, in the middle of the photo.


This photo was taken  in the middle of TAKE BACK Executive Director John Pudner’s breakneck three-week tour that started with CPAC in Washington DC, continued to the Gathering of Leaders in Atlanta, the annual Common Cause fundraiser in Chicago and finally meetings with conservative supporters of TAKE BACK in New York by day and a break for the Big East basketball tournament by night.


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Members of all political backgrounds and ideologies are welcome as TAKE BACK members, but reform-minded conservatives who felt homeless prior to the organization’s founding after the 2014 elections seem particularly appreciative of TAKE BACK’s focus on the campaign finance system.   


TAKE BACK currently has chapters in 37 states and more than 7,500 members nationwide. The group provides organizational leadership for reformers who want to discuss campaign finance and related changes that could drain the swamp and bring government back to the people.

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