3rd Election the Charm! Ohioans Vote 1,158,492 to 389,731 to End Gerrymandering

COLUMBUS, OH – During the year Ohio voted to re-elect President Obama by a 51% to 48% margin, voters rejected redistricting reform for the second time. After shifting 11-points more “red” to support President Trump by a 51% to 43% margin, voters also reversed on redistricting reform tonight for an incredible 74% to 26% margin voting YES on Issue One with all but a few provisional ballots and precincts outstanding.


The victory room spoke for itself as the Take Back Our Republic ED and a great phone bank and field coordinator stood below the results earlier (feature photo) and close to 100 who joined Take Back Our Republic staff and others to make phone calls celebrated at one of THE Ohio State University buildings. We will not recount all of the visits to churches, a 200-member rotary, Chamber, motorcycle ride location and other conservatives venues from our recent Take Back Our Republic Facebook posts, and we are happy to give Arnold Schwarzenegger (see video) and others some credit too. However, just as our ED told Fox News after a pre-TBOR election upset, Tuesday night’s election was really won by the volunteers in the room.

The myth that conservatives do not want reform was countered with the South Dakota vote to end secret political contributions and gifts the night President Trump won that state 62% to 32%. Following that victory with Tuesday’s vote to end gerrymandering in a state after it swung so hard Republican shows conservatives are willing to vote the two essential elements of reform contained in the FixIt America Amendment. We look forward to continuing to research, educate and advocate around these central issues. Join us at www.takeback.org today so we can do the same in your state!

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