7.5 Billion Views led by ESPN; People’s Democracy Playbook

SPN Prelude to TBOR Showing How to Win Without Becoming a Big Money Addict

Two days after President Obama’s re-election, ESPN’s coverage of John Pudner’s breakthrough in sports analytics unknowingly foreshadowed a breakthrough in how political campaigns are run – and won:

When you think about the intersection of advanced sports statistics and political forecasting, you think of Nate Silver. Far fewer people will know the name John Pudner, but college hoops fans probably should. – ESPN, November 8, 2012, “Checking in on Value Add

John Pudner (pictured with Nate Silver at MIT in Boston) is spending this week in Boston, New York and New Hampshire with the Take Back Our Republic group that has been covered in dozens of articles. This includes not only in  #1 website ESPN (2.2 billion page views a month according to the Millennium Report), but in 18 of the top 100 websites in the world, with a total of 7.5 billion monthly page views (see complete list below, click here for and all article links).

Now Pudner’s most newly-drafted team at Take Back Our Republic is teaming up with the Bridge Alliance and the Pluribus Project to work with Pudner’s long-time data and analytics guru,  who launched the data effort for President-elect Trump, an original organizer of Occupy Wall Street, and a team that helped defeat Congressional Majority Leader Eric Cantor to create the People’s Democracy Playbook.

In 2017 Take Back Our Republic will be producing an open source guide on  how any candidate who wants to run a winning campaign WITHOUT having to start by making special interest mega donors their top priority can do so. As a preview note below  the three basic ingredients of the playbook:

  1. ALTERNATIVE TO EXPENSIVE TV. From local races to national, how to reach voters digitally without begging donors who want something in return for money to get TV commercials produced and on the air.
  2. ALTERNATIVE TO EXPENSIVE POLLING. In TBOR’s early days a potential donor asked if they could pay for a $60,000 national poll to help us. While we appreciated the offer, our response was, “what would we want this when we had just canvassed activists and signed up members in all 50 states for a tiny fraction of that cost?” Perhaps this is why the vendor who ran that massive survey for us and Pudner both predicted the Trump win and the high prices pollsters were all shocked. Thus, collect the mega data to target hundreds of specific messages.
  3. COST PER OUR VOTER NOT PER CONSULTANT. TBOR spent less than $1000 in Facebook advertising that resulted in 17,641 Facebook Followers. Prior to forming TBOR we spent less than $4500 to produce and place the winning TV commercial that helped erase a 32-point edge for Eric Cantor’s $5 million campaign. You do need a veteran consultant or manager to win – BUT you need to pay one a fair fee rather than incentivize someone from the political-industrial complex whose incentive is to earn huge margins in kickbacks from TV stations and polling firms rather than spending the money that gives one the best chance to win.
  4. DOOR-TO-DOOR and EVENTS STILL WIN IF DONE CORRECTLY. The first videos we will produce will show how to make door-to-door (and in rural areas working events and places) effective;  from the literature you print, to the interaction and notes left at the door to the follow-up done that night. By complementing digital and effective door-to-door efforts, you will become a true representative of your constituents, not some out-of-state donor. However,  if not done correctly door-to-door becomes a waste of your friends’ and volunteers’ time.

If you would like to get updates as the People’s Democracy Playbook is made public in the months ahead, please subscribe to get our updates. If you would like to help donate to our efforts and be invited to conference calls on the product please click here. While some of our team rejoiced and some were crushed by the recent election results, we are now coming together to make sure the American public is the winner in future campaigns by making candidates focus on communicating with voters  to win their elections.

Please reflect on the power behind the page views from these top 100 websites which have covered us – not that 7.5 billion have clicked on stories about TBOR but that this is the media reach of a young effort without spending the first dime.

TBOR coverage on top 100 websitesRnkMonthly page views
ESPN (2 stories)12,205,261,000
Drudge Report31,732,988,000
Fox News (2 stories)8817,923,000
Huffington Post (5 stories)11541,696,000
Washington Post (3 stories)12473,956,000
USA Today (3 stories)15344,366,000
Bloomberg (5 stories)26188,584,000
Breitbart (2 stories +)28168,636,000
ABC News31137,153,000
NPR (3 stories)41123,916,000
Reuters (2 stories)5085,432,000
Fox Sports (2 stories)5183,640,000
Daily Caller6273,721,000
Total page views on sites covering TBOR/Pudner7,513,877,000

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