91 year old coordinator; 5,866 miles – 7 states in 7 days to conclude in Michigan

Executive Director John Pudner of www.takeback.org is logging 5,866 miles in seven weekdays to meet requests from State Coordinators (including 91-year-old Weslie Owen of New Mexico in photo below), the media (click MSNBC story below) and potential donors (Alabama Farmers Check presentation photo below). The trip concludes with State Chapter meetings in New Jersey Monday, New York Tuesday and Michigan Wednesday (email back to RSVP).

Going back through the schedule in reverse order:

Michigan Chapter Meeting, Wednesday, August 26, 5 p.m., Calder Group, LLC, 400 Anne St., Suite 201b, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 – Michigan coordinator Bryan Posthumus & Pudner available (L on map above, and set of meetings will continue across state to the east to the Detroit area which is M on the map above).

New York Chapter Meeting, Tuesday, August 25, 11 a.m. Kahve, 774 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10019 – Tristate Coordinator Paul Lichstein and Pudner available.(K on map)

New Jersey Chapter Meeting. Monday, August 24, 1 p.m., Cadillac Cantina, 80 River Street,Hoboken, NJ 07030 – Lichstein and Pudner available. (J on map)

Media representatives are welcome to meet during these avails or set up separate interviews. In addition to the MSNBC piece, you can also click on aFox Newsop-edandtweet from the CNNdigital political reporter, and stories in many conservative outlets and the Washington Post can be found here,

Alabama Farmers Federation Check Presentation, Friday, August 21.From left to right, Beatrice Torralba (Take Back, Policy), Paul Pinyan (Executive Director of the ALFA Farmers Federation), Pudner and yours truly (Justin Hill, Take Back Membership) at a check presentation. Pudner has referred to ALFA’s FarmPAC as the perfect political contribution system that should be emulated, with hundreds of thousands of Alabamians giving just a couple of dollars and those who can giving bigger amounts. Take Back educates the public on the advantage of this kind of funding for political campaigns instead of the reliance on a few big checks and now foreign money circumventing laws.

New Mexico Chapter Meeting, Thursday, August 20. After a story in the ruidosonews.com, Pudner landed in Roswell (E on map, you can insert your own alien joke here) and made the midnight drive to Ruidoso.A room full of new members talked with Pudner and state coordinator Weslie Owen (pictured), and state development director Kelly Lawrence. The day concluded with a meeting in Sante Fe (F on map).

Texas Meetings, Wednesday, August 19. Pudner had multiple meetings in Houston (D on map) throughout the day from several interested in funding a big effort in Texas, and the meeting already has resulted in requests for meetings that have resulted in a schedule trip to Dallas September 2.

Louisiana Chapter Meeting, Monday-Tuesday, August 17-18. Pudner met with a number of people in New Orleans (C on map), with York Forsyth and Brandt Lewis helping provide input to the non-partisan, non-profit by talking about their experiences with past campaigns from both the Republican and Democratic perspective, respectively.

Please click on the image below for the recent story in MSNBC – excerpts are included here:

Justin Hill
Membership and State Organizations

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