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Alaskans Made Government Accountable To The People

Alaskans Made Government Accountable To The People

July 25, 2018 @ 4:26 pm
by Admin
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Alaskans set out to make their government more accountable to the people—and it just worked. The Alaska Legislature raised the bar for ethics and integrity in government by passing HB 44. The bill passed the Senate 13-6 and the House 39-1 with support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, and Governor Bill Walker just signed it into law. This only happened because more than 45,000 Alaskans signed petitions to put a similar proposal, the Alaska Government Accountability Act, on the ballot.

It takes massive people-power to get politicians to pass laws to regulate their own actions. In this case, the people forced the Legislature to pass a law that legislators really didn’t like. When incumbent politicians realized how popular this measure was, they scrambled to pass it, fearing the people would overwhelmingly vote for the measure in November and hold them accountable for inaction.

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