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Another Insider Says Enough is Enough

Another Insider Says Enough is Enough

March 3, 2016 @ 4:18 pm
by admin
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Add David DiPietro to the list of insiders who want an end to the ridiculous aspects of our campaign finance system. DiPietro, the past Republican Chair of the Broward County Florida, is a lawyer who was in the inner circle for Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. Broward, the 18th largest county in the country, includes Ft. Lauderdale and the new $149 million Hollywood Resort Margaritaville (click here for Broward Palm Beach News Times story and drawing above).


Like many of our team, he has seen politics from the inside and sees the huge problems with the current campaign finance system. While we must be careful to clarify that we are not promoting any candidate or the endorsement of any candidate, his quote on the need for campaign finance reform within his story in the SunSentinel hits the point.

“I think the lobbyists and the political class have too much influence over the system. I love the fact that he’s against super PACs. I just think that they’ve damaged the political process by these advertisements that you see. It can often be very vague who they’re from and who they support.”

While some progressive groups focus on lowering limits on campaign contributions, we have remained neutral on caps. For example, we support an agreement that would increase the $2700 limit on public contributions directly to candidates if it were part of a package that disclosed all giving through dark sources (the 501c4 and 501c6 organizations that hide money used on political commercials) and SuperPAC reform.

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