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TBOR Coordinator Talks Block-Chain Voting in IBTimes

August 10, 2020

“As the November elections loom less than 100 days away, the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll finds that 60 percent of voters support a mail-in option, but at the same time, Seventy-eight percent of voters in the poll said they’re at least a little bit concerned about voter tampering. Which poses the question, does technology provide better solutions than paper mail-in voting?” “Last month, mobile voting app Voatz launched Safe Vote WV to help West Virginians cast their November votes using a secure blockchain-based platform […]

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Take Back Our Republic Announces Taylor Gottbetter as California Coordinator

August 6, 2020

Today, the only national conservative money in politics organization, Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), named Taylor Gottbetter as a California Coordinator to be one of the leaders of the organization’s statewide efforts.  “I think one of my favorite quotes sums up my excitement about working with TBOR.” said Taylor “The secret to getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain  “I’m excited to add Taylor to the TBOR coordinator ranks. Taylor gives us a great coordinator in Southern California and […]

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TBOR Executive Director Discusses Speakers Arrest and Need to Ban Dark Money in Columbus Dispatch

July 31, 2020

The problem with funneling tens of millions through secret channels in the past decade is that, in the short term, it lets the politicians have their cake and eat it, too. As they line at least their allies’ campaign coffers or in some cases even their own pockets with secret money that no one knows about, nothing will stop unless they get arrested on bribery charges. The best-case scenario is an official gets arrested and everyone they know sees it […]

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The Conservative Case to Get Money Out with American Promise

July 29, 2020

Last night Executive Director John Pudner participated in a webinar hosted by our partner organization American Promise. John was joined by TBOR Northeast Regional Coordinator Jim Rubens along with a number of other conservatives from across the nation to discuss big money and how it affects our political system. You can watch the webinar in its entirety below and can find John’s opening remarks at the 16:21 mark of the video.

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Take Back Our Republic Announces William Terry as Alabama Coordinator

July 20, 2020

Today, the only national conservative money in politics organization, Take Back Our Republic (TBOR),named William Terry as an Alabama Coordinator to be one of the leaders of the organization’s statewide efforts.  “As a first year law student at the University of Alabama, I’m eager to network with my fellow pupils for the sake of a just cause.  I’m grateful for this opportunity, and vow to execute my responsibilities to the best of my ability.” “I’m excited to add William to […]

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Executive Director John Pudner on GA Absentee Ballot Issues

July 16, 2020

“The vast majority of election day and now absentee ballot application problems in Georgia continue to be in Democratically controlled Fulton County. Liberal reform groups can’t continue to blame Republicans running the state for the decisions made by Democratic election officials in Fulton County. Chiding the Secretary of State to go after all the counties to accept email applications for absentee ballots when the SoS office just went after the only county that wasn’t doing it – Fulton County – […]

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Press Release: TBAF and Voatz Announce Partnership in West Virginia

July 16, 2020

Take Back Our Republic’s sister organization Take Back Action Fund announced it’s partnership with Voatz (a secure voting platform) yesterday for a state wide project in West Virginia. See below for the full press release from takebackaction.org PRESS RELEASE: Voatz, a secure mobile voting platform, and Take Back Action Fund, a non-profit that is dedicated to making sure that everyone can join the electoral process, today announced their partnership to champion secure voting options for those who cannot or who […]

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Take Back Our Republic One of 20+ Groups Asking Trump and Biden to Disclose Campaign Bundlers

July 15, 2020

Good-government groups are launching a new push for campaign finance transparency during the presidential campaign. A coalition of 20 organizations, from across the ideological spectrum, sent letters to both the Trump and Biden campaigns on Tuesday requesting they disclose their most prolific “bundlers” — the rich and well-connected people whom politicians rely on to collect donations from their friends and business associates. While federal law does not require presidential candidates to name their bundlers, unless they are registered lobbyists, it has long been a […]

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TBOR Tri-state Regional Coordinator featured in the Times Union

July 14, 2020

Take Back Our Republic’s Tri-state Regional coordinator Paul Lichstein outlines why full-time legislators who work more than the currently scheduled 61 days would do a better job for New York in today’s Times Union piece. To read Paul’s op-ed in its entirety click here

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Take Back Our Republic Announces Nick Brouillette as Nebraska Coordinator

July 13, 2020

Today, the only national conservative money in politics organization, Take Back Our Republic (TBOR),named Nick Brouillette as a Nebraska Coordinator to be one of the leaders of the organization’s statewide efforts.  “I’m excited to be a part of TBOR and their efforts to bring conservative common sense solutions to political reform issues.” from Nick Brouillette “We’re excited to have Nick join the TBOR team. Nick helps bring an experienced presence to the state of Nebraska that we were previously lacking […]

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