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Campaign Rules Needed to Stop Unscrupulous Fundraising Like Avenatti’s

Campaign Rules Needed to Stop Unscrupulous Fundraising Like Avenatti’s

October 18, 2018 @ 7:32 pm
by Admin
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Republicans may be happy to have Avenatti driving Democratic donors to give to the group that enables him to keep half the money for himself in the name of O’Rourke. Even the half of the money he collects in O’Rourke’s name that is passed along is driving money away from the four Senate races where Democrats have fallen only slightly behind, post-Kavanaugh (Missouri, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida), to one of the races that seem to have become unwinnable since Kavanaugh (see polling in Tennessee, North Dakota, and Texas).

Before Republicans get too happy, they should recall that the same thing happened to Republican Ken Cuccinelli in what turned out to be a close race for the Virginia Governor’s Mansion (see story here).

Simply put, the political-industrial complex, made up of the less scrupulous political consultants, full-time political activists that protest, and lobbyists now thrive in a wild west system of campaign finance laws that allows groups to trick Americans across the political spectrum into sending money to them instead of the candidates said Americans want to help win elections.

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