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Braun Introduces No Congressional Pay During Shutdown Legislation

Braun Introduces No Congressional Pay During Shutdown Legislation

January 29, 2019 @ 4:58 pm
by Admin
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The government shutdown is over (for now), but the frustration remains as the increasing partisan gridlock continues to leave ordinary Americans behind.

One freshman senator is looking to take a small step toward restoring public trust by introducing “No Budget, No Pay” legislation that will ensure Congress faces the same threat as government employees when the system fails to function- going without paychecks.

Mike Braun, the newly elected junior senator from Indiana said, “simply, if you do not by Sept. 30 have a budget in place, nobody gets a paycheck. At least you’re not getting fired, you’re just not getting paid. In the real world, you’d be without a job, because your board of directors would fire you or your business would be out of business.”

The former businessman and member of the Indiana House of Representatives also expressed frustration that members of the senate are not permitted to opt out of the congressional pension.

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While Braun’s legislation would not dramatically overhaul the system, it does take a step toward forcing Congress to live like the rest of us. It also creates urgency for members to act in the best interest of those they are elected to serve by tying their paychecks to their ability to function.

What do you think? Do you support Braun’s efforts? What other steps should be taken to compel Congress to function and do the job we elect them to do? Join the conversation at:


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