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BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Supreme Court Allows Gerrymandering Vote

Many Michiganders who learned about the effort to deny them a vote to end gerrymandering from our widely read op-ed, education paper or first Facebook Post to reach more than 100,000 organically – learned late Tuesday night they will get to vote.

The Detroit Free Press, the newspaper with more than twice the circulation of the second and third largest newspapers in Michigan, reported late Tuesday night the Michigan Supreme Court will allow the vote to go forward. Click here for their breaking news story.

We do not agree with every criticism of Congressional Districts in Michigan. We believe a strong argument for a second heavily Arab American district in the Detroit suburbs could make sense in 2020 even though it could cost the Democrats one seat in the overall math, and even the North Carolina district called the worst gerrymandered in the country by the Washington Post was designed to add an African-American member to Congress. If we want diversity like this in Congress – if we truly want the make-up of Congress “look” more like America then we do need to sometimes settle for geographic compactness in most districts with a few exceptions to link communities who share a lot in common.

Our point is all these can be fairly debated with a nonpartisan commission or one like Ohio’s commission that has minority party representation and provides incentives to get signoff from some of each party. This does not mean the number of Congressional Members will always immediately match the statewide vote – rather the Michigan Supreme Court simply provided an opportunity for Michiganders to decide if a commission would provide a more even playing field for weighing the various options rather then the process being dictated by lobbyists being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to draw line ONLY to help one Party of another and PROTECTING INCUMBENTS from voters.

Tuesday night was a great victory. Michiganders can vote in a new system in November, or if they reject it to look at options such as Ohio’s plan. If the State Supreme Court denied the people the right to vote, the could have experienced the same backlash we saw in Pennsylvania where voters voted instead to elect a liberal Supreme Court that drew up districts that were as partisan in favor of Democrats as the districts they threw out were partisan in favor of Republicans.

Thank you to the Michigan Supreme Court for rejecting the call for judicial activism by the Michigan Chamber and allowing this vote.

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