Calling On YOU! Update from Executive Director John Pudner

As I call people around the country I am reminded how tough times so often bring out the best in people and how many remain optimistic and upbeat despite the coronavirus threat to our health, jobs and businesses. It is amazing that official CDC stats show that tens of thousands fewer Americans died during the past few months than expected as the terrible coronavirus deaths have been more than offset by lives saved by far fewer traffic accidents, cases of the flu and pneumonia, and a breathtakingly cleaner environment that has cleared smog filled skylines.

Leaders around the country who used to talk to me for 2 minutes in between calls are now having great 30 minute conversations and really figuring out the best approach to coronavirus including but not limited to figuring out ways to make our Democratic Republic work better both in the current crisis and long-term. 

Our coordinators seem to be finding the same thing as they reach more and more state residents and sign them up as new members to under the Calling on You campaign.

The statewide press releases on the fantastic work done by our state coordinators in 16 states – AL, GA, IL, LA, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OK, TX and WI – only starts to tell the story. Before the coronavirus shut down, state coordinators in another eight states – FL, MA, NE, NM, NV, OR, PA and SC – went beyond the all important phone calls to other residents to make public appearances to sign up new members for Take Back Our Republic. These trailblazers set the bar by taking TBOR activities to another level in these 23 states.

Another 23 state TBOR chapters are run by coordinators with schedules that so far have not allowed big public showings or press releases on activities, but in each of those states the TBOR coordinator carved out a little of their precious hours of free time to reach out any way they can to grow membership in their state. In these cases the widow’s mite is appreciated. We appreciate them as well as those who honestly do not have any time amid the scramble of daily life, but drop contributions to help us get materials out and keep functioning effectively at a time that so many nonprofits are struggling.

These calls now have coordinators and the members in their state more anxious to find ways to build the relationship and work together – suggesting going from phone calls to Zoom meetings and other ways to not let coronavirus or any other unforeseen crisis stop our march forward now or in the future. 

Thank you for being a part of this great effort – and if you’ve thought about reaching out to help coordinate your state, your county, your burrough, your street or any other area for, please use this time to join us. If you would rather help with a coalition of sportsmen, faith-based voters, conservationists, veterans,educators, programmers or any other group – you can be the start of a new coalition within your state. We can show you how to be more effective in your outreach and give you the tools to be successful.

Thank you for reading this so we could CALL ON YOU – and thank you especially if you are able to answer the call at this time.

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