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Indictment, Debate, Beach-to-Beach Politics

March 11, 2016

Three updates that will debunk myths people use to avoid supporting Take Back Our Republic’s conservative solutions to campaign finance reform: 1) a political indictment in San Diego for $500,000 in illegal foreign contributions, 2) our Florida chapter came together quickly with the backdrop of party gatherings and back-to-back Presidential debates during which 3) almost every Presidential candidate addressed campaign finance reform. Here are the photos, followed by the recap. 1. Myth: There is no need for HR4177 to pass […]

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Speak out about campaign finance reform

March 9, 2016

Today, we published a poll on icitizen, a free mobile app that helps raise awareness for civic issues, on Campaign Donation Transparency. icitizen will deliver these results to elected officials when the poll closes March 18th. We encourage all of you to vote in the icitizen app. Make your voices count on campaign finance! To participate, follow these quick steps: Download the icitizen app in the App Store or Google Play store Select “join” when you open the app and […]

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Congressmen praise Take Back Our Republic

December 12, 2015

From left to right, John Pudner (Executive Director, Take Back Our Republic), Congressman Paul Gosar (Arizona sponsor of legislation to stop unverified credit card contributions) and Louie Gohmert (Texas co-sponsor) at a press conference on Capitol Hill. Congressman Walter Jones (North Carolina) later joined the others as all three Congressman praised Take Back Our Republic for identifying the issue of unverified credit card contributions,and the potential for foreign money to come in through this loophole.

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White Thanksgiving, skeletons & 13% support for WI bill

November 23, 2015

Five days in the land of President Obama (Chicago) and Governor Walker (Wisconsin) culminated with Thanksgiving week snow and legislative proposals regarding unpopular attempts to hide who is giving millions of dollars (including illegal foreign money) to political campaigns. The timing of the visit was important. At a time when the US faces serious foreign threats, we CANNOT condone or tolerate foreign money influencing our elections. This week a federal bill was drafted to stop the practice started in 2008 […]

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The Georgia debut of a new campaign finance overhaul push

September 4, 2015

By Greg Bluestein, A conservative watchdog group will debut in Georgia a national push to close what it calls a glaring campaign finance loophole. Take Back Our Republic set to launch an effort in Georgia next year for legislation that would require banks to verify that all credit card contributions to campaigns are from a valid U.S. address. Many political campaigns now opt-out of that voluntary requirement. The group_s executive director, John Pudner, said he has already lined up […]

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Even President Putin Likely Knows About TAKE BACK After Forum

May 19, 2015

Note: The packed room at the forum on foreign contributions included a representative of Moscow-based Sputnik. Assuming Vladimir Putin had time to read the paper this morning he is now aware of Take Back Our Republic. Finance experts say that the Clinton Foundation_s acceptance of financial donations from foreign countries is an example of the unrestrained influence foreign players can have on US political candidates. FEC Chair Ann Ravel was among those in the packed room Monday WASHINGTON (Sputnik) _ […]

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Foreign Money in US Campaigns, Even From Porn Companies?

May 6, 2015

From Breitbart NewsBy John Pudner (Executive Director at Take Back Our Republic) In the past two weeks the German founder of an international porn distribution company was convicted of tax evasion stemming from charges he had not paid taxes on $100 million in profits, while Reuters reported that American authorities declined to investigate $327,000 in political contributions given by his old company to a political referendum in the US. For conservatives the ramifications are scary. Now that the current management […]

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