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TBOR’s Pudner Stops in New Hampshire to talk HB504 & HB728

February 7, 2019

Executive Director John Pudner met with New Hampshire supporters on Thursday and ate at a regular stopping place for Presidential candidates, the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. The diner has been recognized as one of the top 10 diners in the US and is a must stop for anyone seeking the Presidency prior to the first in the nation primary. Next Wednesday New Hampshire legislators will vote on HB 504 which is the FixIT America Amendment, and HB 728 to […]

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Tired of Poisonous Politics? Ranked Choice Voting Could Change the Tone of NH Elections

January 29, 2019

Everyone complains about negative campaigning. This year, the NH Legislature has a chance to do something about it: adopt “Ranked Choice Voting” for our elections. The House hearing on the bill will be tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30th at 10:00 am – please come to the hearing if you can! Studies show Ranked Choice Voting reduces negative campaigning, increases voter turnout and leads to greater voter satisfaction with election outcomes. We need this! The system can sound more complicated than it […]

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Trump Could Have Blown Out Clinton with Ranked Choice Voting

November 16, 2018

Conservatives reading this Washington Post report on the first instant Ranked-Choice Vote (RVC) resulting in the Democrats picking up an extra Congressional seat in Maine may be surprised to hear a judge appointed by Trump provided the strong decision allowing the process. In upholding the law, the Trump appointee states: “…there is no dispute that the RCV Act, the product of a citizens’ initiative, was motivated by a desire to enable third-party and non-party candidates to participate in the political process, […]

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Maine’s 2nd Congressional District at Intersection of Reform Issues

November 14, 2018

For months, money has been pouring into Maine as Democrats hoped to knock off Rep. Bruce Poliquin. In fact, as of November 4th, the state’s 2nd Congressional District had been subject to more than $12 million in outside spending. This represents yet another instance where outside spending outpaced what the candidates themselves were able to raise, with the top 2 contenders, Poliquin and Democrat Jared Golden, raising a combined $8,342,698 for the October 17th filing period. Among the incredible outside […]

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Maine Becomes 1st State to Use Ranked Choice Voting Statewide

June 27, 2018

AUBURN, AL- Earlier this month, Maine became the first state to utilize ranked choice voting for a statewide election. Despite opposition from the current governor, the process seems to have gone relatively smoothly. While businessman Shawn Moody won the Republican gubernatorial primary with 56% of the vote, Democrats needed to wait 8 days while the votes were sent to Augusta to be tabulated due to no candidate receiving a majority on the first ballot. When the process was concluded, AG […]

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All States Should Review and Adopt Ranked Choice Voting

June 8, 2018

Despite the poorly written headline in the Hill (Top finisher in San Francisco mayor’s race trails due to ranked voting), this story and the comments from readers give a great example of why all states should adopt ranked choice voting. We do not have in-depth knowledge of the candidates in this race, but the dynamics make it  clear that obnoxious frontrunners who believe they can slash their way to election in a multicandidate race by rallying one-third of the voters […]

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New Opportunity to Use Technology to Secure Military Voting Rights

March 13, 2018

AUBURN, AL- At Take Back Our Republic, a central component of our vision is more participation. We want more people engaged, knowledgeable, voting, and contributing time and effort to make certain that their representation reflects their aspirations. While this is a priority across the board- for every voter, from every state, every ideology, and every race and background- perhaps the most important group to make certain their voting rights are protected is the military. Now, through technology, their opportunity to […]

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Issue One: Spending in Alabama Senate Race Tops $40 Million

December 13, 2017

Issue One on spending in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race: $42.7 million is the combined amount that all candidates and political groups have invested so far in the special U.S. election in Alabama, including the earlier primary and primary runoff phases of the election. With spending continuing through Tuesday, that figure could rise even higher. To read Issue One’s full analysis, click HERE.

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FEC fines contractor that gave pro-Clinton super PACs illegal cash

September 29, 2017

The Federal Election Commission has fined Boston-based Suffolk Construction Co., a federal government contractor, for making illegal contributions to a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, according to a letter from the agency. The $34,000 settlement between the FEC and Suffolk appears to mark the FEC’s first penalty against a government contractor for illegally contributing money to a super PAC — a kind of political group that may raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations and unions. Click HERE to read more from The Center for Public […]

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Take Back John Pudner on Politics and Moore – July 1st

July 14, 2017
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