College activist demanding better campaign finance laws in Mississippi


Auburn, AL (July 1, 2015) _ National political non-profit Take Back Our Republic (TBOR) has announced the selection of Morgan Stringer, Ole Miss law student and libertarian activist, as the state coordinator for the Foundation_s Mississippi efforts ( Above all, the group pledges to promote non-partisan solutions to issues plaguing America_s campaign finance system, by pushing to restore power to the hands of voters.

_Most consider campaign finance reform to be a minor liberal issue, but that couldn_t be more wrong,_ Stringer said. _This is a critical issue for conservatives, liberals, moderates, libertarians, and everyone else. By allotting monetary political power almost exclusively to enormous corporations and foreign interests, voters are left without a measurable voice for their issues. This has to change and needs to start at the state level, right here in Mississippi._

Take Back Our Republic (, or TBOR, is based near the campus of Auburn University and 90 minutes from the Atlanta airport. Its mission is to conduct research, analysis and public education on conservative ideas for improving the financing of campaigns for public office. One such idea is to incentivize small campaign donations from private citizens. TBOR believes that if more Americans have a voice, politicians will focus less on a handful of large check writers at corporations, unions or special interest groups who expect something in return for their contributions.

TBOR Executive Director John Pudner said he approached Stringer for her zeal after seeing how strongly she felt toward fighting for justice in campaign finances, but noted that her youth and prior experience as the president and founder of the University of Mississippi_s College Libertarians organization reflect the universal nature of the issue. Many involved are veterans of political campaigns for both parties and state coordinators come from all walks of life. As expressed on TBOR_s website, _We believe that the way in which we elect our officials is not a partisan issue; it is an American issue. _Our organization was formed and is run by individuals who understand the political process from the inside out, and are now seeking to educate people about the power they have to shape the process from the outside in._

As state coordinator, Pudner said Stringer will act as the public face of the organization in Mississippi, meeting with those interested in learning about TBOR_s mission and ideas, speaking with media, and recruiting local residents to join the cause.

_I am honored to add Morgan to our growing team of passionate professionals devoted to this cause,_ Pudner said. _Her gumption has already raised eyebrows and the bi-partisan energy she brings to our projects in Mississippi are exactly what we need to make a difference. But I most look forward to seeing the efforts of the Mississippi citizens she will help us reach and the solutions we can bring to the state to give those citizens the voice they deserve._

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