Debate Lines on ‘Buying & Selling’ Politicians

“He buys and sells politicians of all stripes,”and“Give (politicians) money, and they’ll do whatever the h… you want.”were two lines in the debate last night. After the debate, no less a conservative than Sean Hannity said, “People contribute for the purpose of buying influence.”

If you ever needed a confirmation on why it is important tojoinTake Back Our Republic andcontribute today, last night’s debate should have provided it.

Our team was working on conservative campaigns last year, but we all decided that it was most important to find conservative solutions to stop us all from paying the price for the influence of special interest and foreign money over our government. The organization has grown so much faster than anyone thought possible that we can only meet the hundreds of requests for information if you will help with a contribution today!

We have visited534 of 535 Congressional offices, recruited members and talked to media in all 50 states and received great coverage from both conservative and traditional media outlets.Beatrice included agreat updatethat included these photos (right) of her from two years ago with her supervisor from Cong. Austin Scott’s office and recently when we went back as members of Take Back Our Republic to talk to offices about conservative solutions to campaign finance reform.

On the same trip where Beatrice saw her former boss, I chatted with Dave Brat (next photo), the year after explaining to Fox News how he won despite being outspent dramatically in his how race. But to let all other candidates like Congressman Brat with grassroots support have a chance – to give citizens a real choice – we need your help to complete our research and education today.We need to get material to our members in all 50 states and help support their state chapters so they can reach thousands with information about how easy it is to make foreign contributions from overseas now that credit card information does not have to be verified. Americans truly do need to Take Back Our Republic, and we can do it with your help today. We have build the structure to do it with amazing speed – please contribute today to be sure we can now utilize it.

Thank you again for your consideration – please contribute today or call us at 334.329.7258 or email if you have any questions.

John Pudner

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