FEC meeting on alleged foreign interference in American elections

Statement by Take Back Our Republic’s John Pudner on Federal Election Commission
Meeting on alleged foreign interference in American elections


As an American citizen and voter, I am stunned by the amount of media coverage and government resources that are being spent chasing the question of whether Russia influenced the 2016 election.


I think many of my fellow Americans would agree with my perspective: our elections have already been so thoroughly influenced by special interests and Big Money – how much more ‘influence’ could Russia possibly exert over the process?


Yesterday’s AP poll was just the latest in a consistent message that the American public has been trying to send for years: our campaign system is broken and voters believe their elected representatives represent wealthy campaign donors or special interests rather than their constituents.  Yesterday’s poll found that three-quarters of Americans feel they don’t have enough influence over their own government. That should be a wake-up call that we need to fix the system — but we’ve seen similar polling numbers for years and nothing’s been done yet.


I personally wish that the media and government would spend at least as many resources covering ‘Money in Politics’ as are now being spent chasing ‘the Russia story.’


I believe the FEC is focused on the wrong potential ‘influencer’ today.


Yes, other countries benefit in many ways if they can influence American elections.  Yes, special interests benefit in many ways when their secret campaign contributions result in huge government contracts or tax breaks at the expense of middle-class taxpayers.


Our government should be working to change the rules that invite this corruption – not act shocked when every bad actor walks in the doors we left not only unlocked but open.


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The agenda for today’s Federal Elections Commission meeting can be found at


Yesterday’s Associated Press poll can be found at


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