Final Day for Electoral College Challenge

Presumably attorneys just submitted case info for a Pennsylvania challenge as required by 9 a.m. ET today by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, just as the Arizona Supreme Court said they would review a challenge there without hearing arguments – all on the final day for challenges based on the Safe Harbour deadline to replace any State’s Electoral College voters. Barring changes, certified results currently show Joe Biden winning 306-232 in the vote scheduled for December 14. Once info is received, any four Supreme Court Justices can agree to hear a case.

Last night, just 9 days after Take Back Our Republic’s President Francis Johnson appeared on Fox News (click on bottom photo or here to watch), I was grateful to be acknowledged at our state Farm Bureau dinner prior to a speech by Gregg Jarrett of Fox News (taking the stage in the background in second photo from bottom). Hours earlier the Western Journal ran our op-ed detailing the similarities between the 2016 and 2020 challenges to the Electoral College vote. Based on Alexa ratings, the most read conservative outlets are 1) Breitbart, 2) Fox News, 3) New York Post, 4) Wall Street Journal, 5) Daily Caller, 6) The Hill, 7) The Western Journal, 8) The Daily Wire, 9) The Blaze, 10) NewsMax, 11) the Washington Times, and 12) the Washington Examiner, most of which have covered TBOR.

At Monday night’s event, the annual Farm Bureau gathering in TBOR’s home state, Jarrett (who was one of the strongest critics of some Democrats challenges to the legitimacy of Trump’s 2016 election) did state it was unlikely enough evidence of enough fraud could be gathered and presented in time to overturn Biden’s electoral college win. Since election day, I maintained and replied to many who asked that I do not believe any of the challenges would prevail in shifting disputed states to President Trump, though investigations could yield long-term changes to secure ballot security without suppressing legitimate votes – as outlined in the Western Journal op-ed. However, it should be noted that other conservatives disagree and believe the Supreme Court will weigh in – including Mark Levin who offered the opposite view on Fox News this weekend and conservative donors who President Trump announced had given $250 million since election day (giving $5 million to $10 million per day – a much higher rate then they were averaging during the election).

I originally planned to talk with many of President Trump’s strongest supporters at an event in Valdosta, GA Saturday night, which I planned to attend due assuming immunity to Covid-19 after a positive test and isolation in October. However, a follow-up test Friday showed I did not have immunity antibodies, so instead I opted to err on the side of caution and skip the Valdosta event but attend the Farm Bureau event where organizers and farmers – who spend much of their time naturally socially distanced in the field – were careful to wear masks and socially distance unless with one friend. In addition to the many farmers I worked with throughout the state prior to the formation of TBOR when Republicans took over the State Legislature for the first time in 136 years, I talked with the award-winning young farmer Emmanuel Bankston, who received the Excellence in Agriculture Award (next two photos).

In addition to clicking on the photo above for Francis Johnson’s interview on Fox News, a banner has been added to the top of the pages that will always feature the latest breaking news.

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