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Former Miami-area Mayor, Conservative Reformer, Joins Advisory Board



    April 28, 2016

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    Jared S. Thomas, Press Secretary

Auburn, AL –A former Miami area Mayor who successfully took on and defeated a big money attempt to have taxpayers fund their football stadium joins the Advisory Board today.

Former Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall successfully fought and helped stop the Miami Dolphins’ now-defunct push for a subsidized stadium renovation. As a known conservative leader and police officer willing to fight for reform, MacDougall proved an effective voice in stopping the giveaway of taxpayer money in South Dade for the stadium as another example of officials backing donors over constituents.

“I’ve lived in South Dade for 50 years — this is where I grew up,” MacDougall said. “My children and grandchildren here, and I believe all across the country we need candidates and elected officials who are focused on the constituents they are elected to represent – not on big political donors who do not live in their districts or localities but want local taxpayers to fund their for-profit ventures.”

MacDougall also served two combat tours in Vietnam. Ed is a former member of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, Green Beret, “Airborne”.

The Miami Herald credited MacDougall with traveling to the State Capitol in Tallahassee with his ally Norman Braman to speak against the Dolphins’ proposal and successfully rallying public sentiment against the funding the stadium. Legislators listened and sided with the people by not approving the Dolphins-backed legislation.

MacDougall  was elected mayor in 2010 after four years as vice-mayor. He was able to bring a high school to Cutler Bay (a town of about 40,000) and join with neighboring cities to form a green corridor. This was implemented by letting property owners in those municipalities qualify for low-interest financing to install energy-saving equipment such as solar panels, which MacDougall himself installed.

“As a conservative, my top issues were always education, energy, the environment, small government and job creation,” MacDougall said. “Once I was elected I realized that the reason a lot of these issues were not being effectively addressed stemmed from local, state and federal officials focusing on policies that help political donors rather than their constituents. I realized I had to work for conservative solutions to campaign finance reform to clear the road to address all of those issues.”

“I was thrilled to see how successful the launch of Take Back Our Republic was in this first year, and will work with them to build up support throughout Florida and the country.”

“Because Florida is such an important state, we wanted to make sure we found a true leader before implementing our efforts there,” said John Pudner, Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic. “We met in Miami after the Republican debate there, and our State Director (Wayne Rossiter), Southeast Regional Coordinator (Joe Comerford) and Board Member Francis Johnson discussed our plans with local residents; and, Ed MacDougall was the name that came up as the perfect conservative reformer.”

“In our first conversation with Ed, we realized immediately that he would be the perfect voice from Florida for our efforts.”

MacDougall joins a distinguished group of leaders on the Advisory Board (see announcement here https://takeback.org/country-music-star-distinguished-advisory-board-promote-tbor/), including one other Florida resident, Peter Schweizer who wrote the New York Times best seller, Clinton Cash.

Take Back Our Republic (www.takeback.org), or TBOR, is based near the campus of Auburn University just 90 minutes from the Atlanta airport. Its mission is to conduct research, analysis and public education on conservative ideas for improving the financing of campaigns for public office. One such idea is to incentivize small campaign donations from private citizens. TBOR believes that if more Americans have a voice, politicians will focus less on a handful of large check writers at corporations, unions or special interest groups who expect something in return for their contributions.

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