Former MLB Pitcher, Campaign Finance Reform Leader to Run Southwest Region

Former MLB Pitcher, Campaign Reform Leader to Run Southwest Region


Doug Nickle will run a regional campaign finance reform educational effort centered around his home near the New Mexico-Arizona border as Region XI Coordinator for Take Back Our Republic. His appointment comes three years after Nickle launched a citizen accountability initiative to reform California’s Electoral College in 2014 to increase voter participation and empowerment in our political process.

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“I remain undeterred in my desire to place accountability for the stewardship of our Republic squarely back in the hands of our fellow citizens,” said Nickle, who delivered speeches and coordinated all radio, TV, and print media for the Electoral College reform effort. Nickle, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, is also in the publishing phase of his book that discusses the importance of defending the 2nd amendment and choosing firearms for home and personal self-defense.


He believes campaign finance reform is the most important issue facing America today; “The lack of significant systemic campaign finance reform will continue to undermine our nation’s ability to deal with rancorous political gridlock and will further fuel the destructive “establishment quo” partisanship so widespread in government,” Nickle said. “Take Back Our Republic intends to change that.”


“I admire and respect those who choose to serve in government, but I believe it is imperative to remind those public officials who they are elected or appointed to serve.” The critical mission of Take Back Our Republic is to educate the electorate on the “game-changing” implications of individual participation by small donors while defending against the threats of foreign contributions and influence on our government. Nickle asserts “‘It’s time to shine a white-hot spotlight on the sources of “dark money” while strengthening the power and contributions of the People, by the People, for the People.’”


Nickle understands the often-dormant power of the American people. “If our Republic is to sustain itself and continue to evolve, individual citizens must become more accountable and actively involved in the political process. The bruising 2016 presidential election demonstrates the corrosive cumulative effects when citizens sit idly by and let political parties, power brokers, and special interests game the system.”


Nickle’s top priority will be New Mexico, with a focus on disclosure and encouraging small donors. Air Force officer Craig Morton helps coordinate the non-profit’s efforts in New Mexico and attended a 3-hour Q&A at “Conspiracy Views,” last month, a follow-up on the first Take Back chapter meeting in Ruidoso started by Weslie Owens and Kelly Lawrence in the summer of 2015.


Arizona is coordinated by Arielle Kopec, and there is potential for a referendum there to build on past campaign finance reform efforts. Congressman Paul Gosar sponsored a bill (HR4177) based on an Educational Paper on the www.takeback.org website regarding the threat of foreign contributions being made through unverified credit card contributions.


North Texas is the location of the first Take Back Our Republic satellite office, in Dallas. Deputy Director LaNell Morold, a Dallas native, splits time between that office and headquarters in Auburn, Alabama. North Texas is coordinated by Eric Yang. Donors in the Dallas area encouraged a focus on this region of the state.


Help Take Back Our Republic welcome it’s newest Regional coordinator by joining the discussion on our Facebook page here.


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