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Francis Johnson

Francis Johnson

March 9, 2017 @ 7:39 pm
by Admin
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Francis Johnson is a founding partner of Communications Resources LLC, a public affairs, public relations and political consultancy specializing in government and media relations, corporate communications and crisis communications initiatives, developed policy issues for political candidates, and grassroots engagement efforts.

He has worked at all levels in national political campaigns, serving various positions in the McCain/Palin 2008, Bush/Cheney 2000­2004 and Bush/Quayle ‘92. He also served on the gubernatorial campaigns of Gilmore for Governor ‘97, and the Williams for Governor ‘93 campaigns. Throughout his career, Johnson has also served as a strategist and consultant on various public affairs initiatives addressing a host of issues, including, defense, energy, agriculture, IT, and healthcare. He also led governmental relations efforts for the Coal Industries Alliance, and the Social Security Foundation.

Francis also served as political director/strategist for the Senate Action Committee, and the Conservative Action Alliance.

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