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Ex-Governor’s Dark Money Group Raised Big Money

Ex-Governor’s Dark Money Group Raised Big Money

December 26, 2018 @ 7:42 pm
by Admin
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We have previously written extensively about the rise and fall of former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, particularly his use of dark money. Now, we know a little more about A New Missouri, the 501c4 organization built to promote his agenda.

Tax filings show that the group raised a whopping $6.1 million from 67 donors. Two of those donors gave $1 million and all gave over the $2,600 maximum contribution. Clearly, the entity was built for the sole purpose of circumventing disclosure laws and contribution limits.

Interestingly, firms associated with Nick Ayers, the rising star who turned down the White House Chief of Staff position weeks ago, were the recipient of roughly $1.9 million. Ayers and his associates were the chief strategists behind the Greitens campaign and brief tenure.

Other funds also went to campaign allies, underscoring the idea that the non-profit functioned as an extension of the campaign. For more information, see:

A New Missouri continues to be investigated in the state, but the policy concerns go beyond the Show Me State. Weaponizing a 501c4, running over the campaign finance laws, and using a non-profit to function as a continuous campaign operation is the epitome of why dark money is so concerning for reformers.

The way the organization operated was ripe for buying influence and hiding it from voters. Do you agree? Do you support Take Back Our Republic’s further efforts to address this problem in a bigger way? Join the conversation at:


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