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How Instant Runoff Voting Works And Why It’s Helpful

How Instant Runoff Voting Works And Why It’s Helpful

October 3, 2019 @ 8:01 pm
by Admin
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For many reasons, Take Back Our Republic is a strong supporter of Instant Runoffs (also called Ranked Choice Voting). For states that currently have runoffs,  it can eliminate the need for voters to return to the polls almost two months later for a runoff to save money. For states without runoffs, it encourages more ideas, more civil campaigns, and more representative results because candidates know launching vicious attacks makes it hard to get to 50% + 1.

We truly believe it’s a nuanced idea that can yield a powerful impact.

Make no mistake about it. Take Back Our Republic recommends states transition to Instant Runoffs – whether they currently using the drawn-out runoff system to get to 50% +1 or do not use a runoff system at all (which can allow one divisive candidate to win with 26% of the vote despite being the last choice of 74%). However, this intermediate step would allow citizens to get used to the system, and explore how they feel about it.  If states were to avail themselves of this option, it would provide some interesting case studies for the rest of the nation to observe.

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