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We write on a variety of topics to ensure that Americans and the people who serve them understand the effects of money on the democratic process.
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Gerrymandering occurs when the boundaries of a voting district is manipulated to create a result that favors a political party as well as protecting incumbents by breaking up their constituents so it is harder for a challengers to unseat them. 

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Instant Runoff

We now have the technology to have an instant runoff by letting voters choose their second and third choice when they vote. This system, called “ranked choice voting” by some, means that we can prevent a candidate opposed by most voters from winning an election with 30 percent of the vote even when the last choice of most voters.

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Dark Money

The term “dark money” is often referred to in regards to political contributors and organizations that are not required to disclose their financial sources. These organizations are able to receive unlimited corporate, individual, or union contributions that are not required to be made public.

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Foreign Contributions

In U.S. elections, foreign contributions are prohibited by federal and state laws. Campaigns may not solicit or accept any contribution from a foreign national. However, pretty clear evidence demonstrates that foreign money is being used, at least indirectly, to finance U.S. elections.

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Campaign Finance

If an individual or group is giving millions of dollars to a candidate, all efforts must be made to let the voters know who is supporting those campaigns. The citizens are then best equipped to determine if they believe a particular donor stands to benefit from a particular candidate winning.

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Why should you care about secret political donations? Plain and simple, you are losing your hard-earned money. $1,300 a year from state pay-for-play, according to a university study, and many times that in local and federal pay-for-play. TBOR is fixing this problem, but we need your help on the ground. Make an impact near you! 


Help us stop the buying and selling of politicians. When you donate to Take Back Our Republic, your dollars will be spent transparently, something we want to be able to say about our elected officials in the coming years!

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