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Ivy League Professor Found Guilty Of Lying About Chinese Money

According to the Harvard University newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, professor Charles M. Lieber was found guilty of lying to government authorities about his ties to China in federal court on Tuesday, concluding a stunning downfall for one of the country’s top chemists.

Professor Lieber was found guilty on six felony charges related to making false statements regarding his ties to Chinese government programs and tax-related offenses. Professor Lieber had a $50,000 a month contract with the Chinese state-sponsored recruiting organization Thousand Talents Program the payments were related to his work with the Wuhan Institute of Technology.

Take Back Our Republic board member Dr. Richard Painter had this to say on the news of Professor Lieber’s conviction.

“The criminal conviction of Professor Lieber at Harvard is the tip of the iceberg.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing into America’s most prestigious universities from China, Saudi Arabia and other countries, much of it not disclosed.  Just last week, University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, in her Senate confirmation hearing to be ambassador to Germany, testified that she did not know about $86 million in donations to Penn from China.  She failed to satisfactorily answer that all important question:  What did she know about Chinese and Saudi donations and when did she know it? Take Back Our Republic was the first public interest organization to bring these donations to the attention of the public, the Pennsylvania Attorney General and the United States Senate last summer. The Department of Justice, Department of Education and other federal agencies, need to get to the bottom of these questions with respect to all American universities and find out how much foreign money is flowing in and what strings are attached”

TBOR Board Member Dr. Richard Painter

Take Back Our Republic also pointed out over the summer the $68 Million dollars linked to the University of Pennsylvania and former President Amy Gutmann and China. TBOR Board members and staff wrote a letter to the Pennsylvania Attorney General calling for an immediate investigation into the fundraising and use of funds linked to China. You can read the letter to the AG and the related news stories here.

TBOR will continue to monitor and update this blog.

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