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Kim Vaughn

March 9, 2017 @ 7:24 pm
by Admin
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Kim currently chairs the Women’s Committee of the Madison County Farmers Federation, part of one of the largest Farm Bureaus in the country, which also runs the largest insurance company in Alabama. Kim is also on the Board of the Madison Farmers Market, which serves the thriving Huntsville market that is home to high-­level engineers for thriving defense companies and NASA, and runs hospitality for Providence Baptist Church. John recruited his first candidate for public office in a meeting at Vaughn Farms, as he and the Vaughns asked Mac McCutcheon to run for office, a race in which he upset an incumbent in the the Republican primary and now serves as Rules Committee Chair. John has often cited Farm PAC as an ideal example of how campaigns should be funded, with hundreds of thousands of residents giving as little as $2 to help fund campaigns.

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